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"We can eliminate disappointment when we realize life happens just as it should..."- Kimberly LaRocca

Kimberly LaRocca is a native of Clearwater, Florida. She attained an MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Tampa. 


Kimberly’s books include three collections of poetry, A Black Girls Poetry for the World, My Mind’s Temple and Inside Gray Matters, and the insightful What My Grandma Taught Me, a self-help book packed with wisdom passed down through generations.


Her latest work, Death and Other Things, is a collection of short stories that feature death as their central theme, and includes “Things Left Unsaid,” which is featured in The Avalon Literary Review.


In her free time Kimberly enjoys reading and watching movies, but with traveling she has found a true passion. Since getting the travel bug she has visited many countries in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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